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Auckland Tarpaulin Hire

Free delivery within Auckland Area*

For over 25 years Covertex has been providing hire tarpaulins to Auckland builders, construction and building removal companies with many long term relationships still in place today.

We proudly provide a fast, friendly service. Phone to book and we can deliver the same day a fully serviced tarpaulin to you on site (within the Auckland area).

Light weight & high strength:  Customer feedback lead to the development of a specialised light in weight  though heavy duty material which our hire tarps are now made from.  This material unique to Covertex provides tarpaulins 50% lighter than conventional covers while maintaining strength and robustness.

Large sizes available: The Covertex range includes 12m x 9m and 10m x 10m providing cover free from joints over large areas.  Full range includes 4m x 5m, 6m x 6m, 9m x 6m, 10m x 10m, 12m x 9m.

Builders trade rates:  The Covertex hire rates are builders commercial rates offered direct to all hire customers including discount for hireage of 4 weeks or more.

* Conditions apply.



Tel: 0800 500 007

Email: sales@covertex.co.nz

103 Central Park Drive